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Principal's Message - Anna Parrill


    Word Art

    Third grade has done two at-home projects that complement the literacy and math curriculum. During the fall, students learned about character traits and how to cite evidence for supporting their thoughts. Students chose a book to read at home and created the main character using a pumpkin. Parents can help build comprehension of text by asking these types of questions when their child is reading a fiction story.

    During the winter, students created a Multiplication Board Game. This creative project highlighted the importance of students’ acquisition of the multiplication facts. Students brought their games to present to their class and then play with their classmates.

    Besides FUN, Grade 3 at Wilkins School includes hard work and several rites of passage, including Amherst History, learning to write in cursive, and of course, MULTIPLICATION!

    The importance of mastering multiplication math facts cannot be over-emphasized. Educational research supports the importance of mastering math facts for future success in mathematics. As your child continues in his/her mathematical learning to topics such as long division and fractions, their working memories will need to focus on the algorithms, or procedures at hand.  For example, when practicing the procedure of long division, having to recall a multiplication fact because it is not memorized, takes time away and WORKING MEMORY away from the topic of focus.  So we say, “Free your working memory! Memorize your facts!”

    Daily math homework in Grade 3 consists only of working towards the mastery of math facts. While we teach the concepts and applications of multiplication in class, we strive to encourage families to help their children with the automaticity of facts. There are many ways to practice, including flash cards, writing out facts, worksheets, on-line games such as, on-line programs such as, and even just oral practice while driving in the car!

    Please see below for the ORDER in which the multiplication strategies are taught.  It can be helpful for parents to know, so they can organize flashcards by strategies and make note of what has been mastered and what still needs work:

    1. Order Property ex: 2 x 6 = 6 x 2  (If I know 2 x 6, what else do I know?  That cuts out almost half the facts to learn!)

    2. Number x 0 (Any number x 0 = 0)

    3. Number x 1 (Any number x 1= the number)

    4. Number x 10

    5. Number x 5

    6. Number x 2

    7. Number x 4 (Use x2 to help- “Double the Double!” Ex: 4 x 6: 2 x 6 = 12.  Another 2 x 6 = 12.  Then, 12 + 12 = 24!  So….. 4 x 6 = 24!)

    8. Number x 9 (Use x10 to help- just take a group away. Ex: 9 x 4=?  Well, 10 x 4 = 40.  Just take a group of 4 away.  40 - 4=36. So….. 9 x 4 = 36!) 

    9. Number x Number (2 x 2, 3 x 3, 4 x 4….. etc.) Otherwise known as Square Numbers!

    10. Remaining Facts (3 x 6, 3 x 7, 3 x 8, 6 x 7, 6 x 8, 7 x 8)

    We thank parents and families in advance for all of their support, assistance, and encouragement regarding this third grade rite of passage!

    Please reach out to any of us at any time.

    All the best!

    The Third Grade Teachers: Christopher Caskey, Jennifer Eccleston, Carolyn Hawkes, Betsy Kellndorfer, Alice Paquette, Alyssa Shorrock, Kimberly Smith


Amherst PTA News

  • Read-A-Thon

    The Read-A-Thon is happening now!  

    The Read-A-Thon is a traditional fundraiser in Amherst that is budgeted to earn $8,000 this year. Funds raised go towards the assemblies that each grade level participates in throughout the year. Any funds raised over the anticipated budget will be spent by membership vote in the spring.  

    Online Sponsorship Donations will be accepted through Membership Toolkit on a form available to everyone- even if your donors don't belong to the PTA: Form accepting donations

    Amherst Town Election

    As a PTA, we support appropriate class size and facilities that serve the needs of our children, the curriculum, and our town.

    Learn more about the March 10th Amherst Town Election: 

    For anyone interested in the grassroots effort to support the Amherst School District budget, you can follow Stand Up for Amherst Schools.

    PTA Elections

    The Nominating Committee is looking for a nominee for the Treasurer position. If you're interested, please email The PTA executive board member nominations are announced in March and elected in April. 

    Planning for next year happens during the spring and summer and many committees are looking for volunteers to lead. If you'd like to learn more, this link will bring you to descriptions of committee chair positions: 

    Daughter's Choice Event Photos

    Photographs from the Candy Land Dance have been added to the PTA Shutterfly Share Site! Site Name: Amherst NH PTA, Site: This is a private site. Sign in to your Shutterfly account, click "Ask," and enter your name to be added to the site. Again, THANK YOU to everyone for attending, donating, and volunteering! 

    General Meeting

    The General Meeting needed to be rescheduled. The new date is March 24th at 7pm in the Wilkins library.  Everyone is welcome. Free babysitting is available by SHS student volunteers. Please click here to reserve a spot General Meeting Childcare

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