How to Connect your device to the SchoolWireless

  1. Connect your personal device to the SchoolWireless network using your Wi-Fi utility.

  2. Once you are connected you will be in an authorization network which the only thing you can do is register your device with the network or sign in as a guest.

  3. No matter what device you are using you will need to open a web browser and go to some webpage so that you are challenged to log into the network.

  4. You may be warned that the security certificate is not valid. We use a self-signed encryption certificate and most devices warn you that they don't know who wrote it for security purposes, this is completely normal and expected.

  5. Next click on connect to the network link.
  6. If you the user are a guest or do not have a network account you will need to provide the system your name and email address to gain access to the internet.


  7. If you have a network account you should register your device with the network using your network login credentials for SAU39. You will be able to register up to 3 devices using your network credentials. Once you have your device registered with the wireless network you registration will be good for 240 days, approximately a school year.

  8. After you have entered your network account credentials you must agree to the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for SAU39. You must scroll all the way to the bottom of the AUP especially on phones or pad type devices. You must check off the box that you agree to the AUP or you will be denied access to the wireless network.

  9. Once you agree to the AUP you will start the registration process to the network. This can take up to 1 minute to complete. Please be patient while this completes. Once this completes you will not have to do this again according to the registered device policy.


  10. You should be prompted with you have successfully logged into the network.

  11. Like I have stated previously in this document once your device is registered with the wireless network, your registration will be good for 240 days. On day 241 you will be asked to re-register to the network.

    Also, this is for your own personal devices only. School owned devices are managed by other means.