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    Dustin/Robinson and Rodon/McCracken- March 30th-April 3rd

    Esatbrook/Nedelman and MVVS students-April 6th-10th


    To Parents of Sixth Grade Students:

    As we mentioned last fall, the sixth-grade students at AMS and MVVS will attend an The Ecology School for a 5-day program in the fall. The scheduled trip for the 2019-2020 school year has been arranged with The Ecology School, and will be hosted by The Poland Spring Resort in Poland, Maine. The Dustin/Robinson and McCracken(Camitta)/Rodon teams will go the week of 3/30. The Estabrook/Nedelman team will go the week of 4/6 with the 6th graders from Mont Vernon.

    The total cost of the trip, including the educational program, transportation, and room and board, is $420.00 per student. Many of you made a payment in the fall for $210. Now it is time to send in the remaining payment of $210.00 with a check made payable to Amherst Middle School or Mont Vernon Village School. If your son or daughter is new to us this year, or you did not make the fall deposit, a check for the full tuition may still be sent in so that your child can attend. Either payment needs to be returned by Friday, March 13th. Tuition assistance is also available for the spring payment. If you applied for it in the fall, you do not need to complete another form, but you still need to send in all other registration and medical forms. Please contact your child’s science teacher or Jayma Robinson (jrobinson@sprise.com) with any questions.

    If for any reason a student is unable to attend, then all monies will be refunded. If your child becomes ill while at Ecology School and needs to go home, a pro-rated refund will be sent to you. There will be no refunds for any child sent home due to poor behavior or discipline issues!

    The Spring Payment Receipt, Registration and Permission Form, and Student Health Forms are included in this packet and need to be returned as soon as possible, since we need all papers by Friday, March 18thth. Also attached is the Parent Consent for Management of Chronic Illness or Allergy form. This form is only required if your son or daughter has allergies or more severe medical issues that need to be monitored by the Ecology School’s nurse. It should also be filled out if your child will need to take any medications while at The Ecology School. Finally, you should also find a Packing List attached to help in your planning. Note that nothing special needs to be purchased, but it is important to have rain gear as lessons and activities go on rain or shine. If you have any questions or concerns about what to bring or what not to bring, please contact your child’s science teacher.

    Prior to our departure from the Poland Springs Resort, we have arranged for your child’s luggage to be inspected for any creatures (bed bugs) who may be trying to hitch a ride home. A specially trained dog will be on site for this inspection. If anything is found, you will be notified upon our return. Please help us with this process by ensuring that all your child’s luggage is properly labeled.




    The Sixth Grade Teachers