SAU 39
    1 School Street, P.O. Box 849
    Amherst, NH 03031-0849
    (603) 673-2690 
    Adam Steel, Superintendent:  x 2104, asteel@sprise.com
    Christine Landwehrle, Assistant Superintendent/Director of Curriculum & PD:  x 2121, clandwehrle@sprise.com
    Stephanie Grund, Director of Business Operations: sgrund@sprise.com 
    Meg Beauchamp, Director of Student Services:  x 2116, mbeauchamp@sprise.com 
First Name Last Name Position Extension E-mail
Andrea Arnoldy Data Coordinator 2821 aarnoldy@sprise.com
Bruce Chakrin Director of Technology 2120 bchakrin@sprise.com
Maureen DeGrenier Administrative Assistant 2100 mdegrenier@sprise.com
Porter Dodge Director of Operations/Special Projects 2102 pdodge@sprise.com
Kim Fredette Payroll Coordinator 2109 kfredette@sprise.com
Autumn Grdina Administrative Assistant 2113 agrdina@sprise.com
Stephanie Grund Accountant 2119 sgrund@sprise.com
Katie Hannan Director of Finance 2105 khannan@sprise.com
Bonnie Hillsgrove Sr. Accounts Payable Specialist 2108 bhillsgrove@sprise.com
Carrie James Director of Human Resources 2101 cjames@sprise.com
Christine Landwehrle Assistant Superintendent 2121 clandwehrle@sprise.com
John Lash Director of School Nutrition 2114 jlash@sprise.com
Sue Leger Professional Development Coordinator 2112 sleger@sprise.com
Marie Maruca Executive Assistant 2104 mmaruca@sau39.org
Anne Pappas HR Benefits Specialist 2110 apappas@sprise.com
Karen Rimol Assistant Director of Student Services 2106 krimol@sprise.com
John Robichaud Director of Facilities 2111 jrobichaud@sprise.com
Karin Sainsbury Administrative Assistant to the Director of Student Services 2116 ksainsbury@sprise.com
Adam Steel Superintendent of Schools 2104 asteel@sprise.com