• PD Express Information
    Click here to access PD Express: PD Express Login 
    • Please enter activities at least 7 days before the start date.  All professional development activities must be pre-approved Thank you!

    How to Complete Activities in PD Express

    In order to have the CEUs in PD Express post to a transcript you must complete the activity.

    That means that the activity status goes from Approved to Completed.

    1.      There are several options for completing an activity. 

    • Open the approved activity and type your Reflection (in the Comments section).
    • Open the approved activity and attach an electronic version of your Reflection. You may also attach notes, agendas, certificates of attendance, and/or any other options for evidence of learning (see below).

    2.      Print out a list of all your approved activities. You’ll want to give this list to your building administrator so they know which activities are ready tor review. After reviewing, they will change the activity status from Approved to Completed.

    3.      When all of your activities have been completed, you can print out a transcript. Just click on My Pages, then Out of District PD and then you will see the Transcript button on the top right of your screen.

    How to complete in-district courses in PD Express

    Some courses require you to complete an evaluation (reflection) before the CEU’s are posted to your transcript. If the course lists Enrolled as the status, you should see if there is an evaluation completion reminder when you log into PD Express. If there is, click on the item and enter your evaluation. Your course will them be marked as Completed and your CEU’s will post to your transcript.

    General Information for Reflections and Evidence of Learning

    Reflections used to be the only form of evidence of learning to use towards your recertification, however, you may use other means to show what you did, what you learned, and what you are doing/ will do as a result of this learning.

    Evidence of Educator’s Learning: 

    • Written reflection
    • Application of new methods and/or materials exhibited through lesson plans, instructional materials, video or audio tapes of the lesson.
    • Samples of student work
    • Projects, papers, etc. from courses and seminars.

     Evidence used to examine impact on Students’ Learning:

    • Results of standardized assessments
    • Results of classroom assessments
    • Examples of students’ projects, papers, daily work
    • Student portfolios
    • Video tapes of students’ presentations or activities
    • Skill inventories or checklists
    Guiding Questions for Reflections
    • What did you do?
    • What new skills and/or knowledge did you gain by participating in this activity?
    • What evidence/data will you gather to show how learning from this activity will impact student learning?
    • What are your next steps?