• Joint Facilities Advisory Committee

    Please follow the link below for more information about the JFAC's recent work and proposals.



    Chair-Shannon Gascoyne, Community Member​ - sgascoyne@sau39.org

    John Bowkett, Community Member​

    ​Brian Coogan, Community Member​

    Amy Facey, Business Administrator

    ​John D’Angelo, BOS​

    ​Tom Gauthier, ASB​

    ​Christine Grayson, Community Member​

    ​Pim Grondstra, SCSB Mont Vernon Rep.​

    Victoria Parisi, ASB 

    ​Ellen Grudzien, ASB​

    ​Stephanie Grund, SCSB Amherst Rep.​

    ​Victoria Parisi, Community Member​

    ​Adam Steel, Superintendent of Schools