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    Dreambox Math Parent Login and Info 

    Dreambox Login Instructions

    DreamBox Learning

    Amherst Middle School is using DreamBox Learning, a supplemental, online math program for all grade 6 students.  This adaptive learning program helps students develop conceptual understanding, procedural skills, and learn how to apply mathematical concepts through problem solving.  Because of the program’s adaptive nature, it is critical that parents do not help their child at home with DreamBox Learning assignments

    DreamBox Learning will adapt to the appropriate math level for each child and will provide lessons based on his/her needs.  If you help your child at home, the program will adapt to the parent’s level of mathematical understanding, not the child’s level.  This will also communicate to the teacher that a student has mastered a concept that they have not.  We cannot roll back a student’s instructional level in DreamBox Learning if it adapts higher than it should. 

    Your student can access DreamBox Learning anytime from any computer with internet access using this link to Clever, our single sign-on program: clever.com/in/sau39

    Use the following conventions for logging into DreamBox through Clever:

    • Username: firstname.lastname@student39.org
    • Passwordstudent password used at school to log into computer

    Please see parent login information above for more details on setting up your family dashboard and tips for home usage.

    If you have any questions regarding the DreamBox program, please contact DreamBox Client Care listed on the second page of the attached Parent Login Quick Access guide.  If you have questions about DreamBox usage at school please contact your child’s math teacher.