note form coach June 4, 2019

    Souhegan High School Cross Country 2019

    Welcome 2019 SHS Cross Country runners! 2019 promises to be another fun and successful season for both the Boy’s and Girl’s Teams!

    Important Date:
    - First Day of Practice: Monday August 19th, 8:00 AM, at the High School.
    Other Important Information:
    - Our schedule will be posted on the SHS web site shortly
    - No student may practice until the medical form, waiver form, fee, and signed sheet
    from the SHS Student Athlete Handbook are turned in to the Athletic Office.
    - Incoming freshman, and students who have never participated in a SHS sport,
    must have an SHS physical form filled out by their doctor.
    - If you did not pick up the forms at the signup meeting you can download them
    from the SHS web site: http://sau39.org/domain/166 The forms can be turned in
    to the main office or athletic office during the summer prior to our first practice.

    Recommendations for Summer Running:
    - Those new to distance running should begin running regularly as soon as possible. Start out running a short distance (1 to 2 miles) or time (10-15 minutes) and get used to that (do it for a week or two) before gradually (10-15 % per week) increasing mileage or time.
    - Seasoned runners should:
    1. Run regularly (6 days/week).
    2. Avoid long slow runs (8+ miles, or 60+ mins.)
    3. Vary the routes you run (roads, trails, hills, flats) and the distance. Vary your pace (run hard some days, easy others, you can even vary your pace within a run (changing pace every 5 minutes, or every mile for example).
    4. Don't run in excessive heat and humidity (on those days, run in the morning, evening, or take the day off).
    - 200 and 300 Mile Clubs: Membership is achieved by running a minimum of 200 or 300 miles between Monday June 10th and Monday August 19th. It spans 10 weeks, so one would need to average a minimum of 20 miles per week for the 200 Mile Club and 30 miles per week for the 300 Mile Club. 200/300 Mile Club Shirts will be awarded to all members! Please keep a log of your mileage.
    - Please don’t hesitate to call or email me with any questions.

    Head Coach Jeff Wilson email:  glwilson081@comcast.net     Phone: 582-2513
    Assistant Coach David Salvas