• 2021 - 2022 Committee Assignments

    Town Budget Committee- Stephen O'Keefe
    School Budget Committee- Peter Eckhoff
    SAU Budget Committee- Stephen O'Keefe
    Manifest (2)- Jessica Hinkley & Sarah Lawrence
    RSEC (Not needed for FY22)
    PTA- Jessica Hinkley
    Policy Committee (2)- Jessica Hinkley & Sarah Lawrence
    Transportation- Stephen O'Keefe
    NHSBA- Jessica Hinkely
    MVEA (not needed for FY22)- Sarah Lawrence
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  • 2020-2021 Mont Vernon School Board Officers and Committee Assignments


    Chair- Sarah Lawrence

    Vice-Chair-Stephen O’Keefe

    Secretary- Scott St. Denis


    By Committee


    Budget Committee Liaison-Town- Stephen O’Keefe

    Budget Committee Liaison-School- Peter Eckhoff

    Manifest- Scott St. Denis, Peter Eckhoff

    Policy- Sarah Lawrence, Jess Hinckley

    PD Committee-

    Transportation- Stephen O’Keefe

    RSEC- Sarah Lawrence

    SAU Budget Committee- Sarah Lawrence

    NHSBA- Jess Hinckley

    MVEA Negotiations- Peter Eckhoff, Sarah Lawrence (Stephen O’Keefe alternate)

    ASD Tuition Agreement Negotiations- Sarah Lawrence, Stephen O’Keefe

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  • 2018-2019 Mont Vernon School Board Officers and Committee Assignments


    Chairman-Thomas Driscoll

    Vice-Chair-Sarah Lawrence

    Secretary-Peter Eckhoff

    By Committee


    Budget Committee Liaison-Town-Kim Roberge

    Budget Committee Liaison-School-Thomas Driscoll

    Manifest-Kim Roberge, Sarah Lawrence

    Policy-Sarah Lawrence

    PD Committee-Steve O'Keefe

    Transportation-Thomas Driscoll

    RSEC- Stephen O'Keefe

    Brick School/SAU Budget - Stephen O'Keefe

    NHSBA - Peter Eckhoff





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