• 2020-2021 Committee Assignments

    • Ways and Means Committee - Ellen Grudzien and Tom Gauthier
    • Manifest- Ellen Grudzien and Josh Conklin
    • SAU Budget Committee- Terri Behm
    • Policy Committee- Elizabeth Kuzsma and Josh Conklin
    • Joint Facilities- Ellen Grudzien and Tom Gauthier
    • PTA- Tom Gauthier and Josh Conklin
    • MVSB Negotiation Committee- Beth Kuzsma and Tom Gauthier
    • RSEC- No assignment at this time.
    • Town of Amherst Board of Selectman Liaison- Terri Behm
    • CIP- Elizabeth Kuzsma and Terri Behm
    • Recreation Department Liaison- Josh Conklin
    • Wellness Committee- Josh Conklin
    • NHSBA- Terri Behm
    • Facilities Expendable Trust- Tom Gauthier
    • AEA/ASSA Negotiations- Elizabeth Kuzsma
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  • 2018-2019 Committee Assignments


    Chairman-Galen Tremblay

    Vice-Chair-Beth Kuzsma

    Secretary-John Glover

    By Committee


    Amherst PTA Liaison-Kevin Shea

    Mont Vernon School Board Liaison-Terri Behm

    Manifest-Terri Behm, John Glover

    Policy-Galen Tremblay, John Glover

    Ways and Means Committee- Beth Kuzsma, John Glover

    Facilities Expendable Trust Fund

    •        5 Voting Members

    •        2 School Board members

    •        2 Citizens

    •        Liaison from Amherst Board of Selectmen

    •        Non-Voting – Ways & Means; 2 Administrators

    RSEC - Galen Tremblay

    AEA Negotiations- Beth Kuzsma

    ASSA Negotiations-John Glover

    Town of Amherst Liaison - John Glover

    CIP-Galen Tremblay, Terri Behm

    Recreation-Kevin Shea

    Brick School Committee-Terri Behm

    Wellness Committee- John Glover

    NHSBA Delegate - John Glover

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