• Clark-Wilkins School Wellness Practices

    September 2013 (Revised)


    In support of the Amherst School District Wellness Policy JLCF, Clark-Wilkins is instituting the following practices and procedures related to the wellness plan. The full policy may be reviewed by accessing the SAU-39 web site and the policy section of the Amherst School Board.


    • All food brought in to be shared must be accompanied with an ingredient label. If there is no ingredient label available then the food item will not be distributed.
    • In recognizing the large number of children and adults with food allergies, any event involving food must take into account the needs of individuals with food allergies. Classroom parties will be planned by the room parent and teacher. Party foods/favors or supplies not arranged by the room parent or teacher will not be distributed at the party.
    • All food items provided through the school lunch or breakfast program, or any school function including classroom parties or celebrations must meet or exceed nutritional standards established by the USDA.
    • The amount of fats, sugar, and sodium per serving will be minimized to comply with the recommended guidelines. This includes food or beverages brought in for school-wide or individual celebrations, such as classroom parties.
    • Classroom celebrations may not include more than one food or beverage item that does not meet recommended nutrition standards.
    • Birthdays will be recognized during lunch time in the cafeteria. The birthday child will receive a special pencil in recognition of his/her birthday.
    • During events involving food, movement activities are also encouraged to promote the strong, positive connection between food and movement.
    • The schools will not use foods or beverages as rewards for academic performance or good behavior, and will not withhold food or beverages as a punishment.
    • Whenever possible, snacks and celebration foods should include fruits, vegetables, yogurt, or other healthy foods.