• Amherst Full-Day Kindergarten Regular Budget Proposal for the 2016-17 School Year

    We view the adoption and implementation of full day kindergarten as our greatest priority at the Clark-Wilkins School

    Why do we need to implement full day kindergarten?

    • Curriculum and expectations for 21st century learning have changed and require full day programing for all students.
    • In order to ensure equity for all students and access to programing, we must offer full day kindergarten for all students.

    How will the budget be impacted with the implementation of full day kindergarten?

    • We will include all costs in the regular budget.
    • No warrant article will be proposed.
    • We will strive for a 0% increase in the Clark-Wilkins budget.
    • In order to implement full day kindergarten we will shift staffing from other areas.
    • Much of the curriculum and professional development work for full day kindergarten has already been created.  Additional work will be covered under a grant.

    What curriculum work has already been completed?

    • A sample schedule has been created that outlines a full day kindergarten experience.  It illustrates that full day kindergarten provides more than double the instructional time of a half day program.
    • Our sample schedule includes integration of special subject areas and an expansion of social skill development.
    • Curriculum scope and sequences have been developed for both math and literacy.  
    • A draft proposal for evaluating the impact of full day kindergarten has been developed and will be implemented this year.  This proposal includes multiple data points in both academic areas and social/emotional.