• Souhegan Cooperative School Board Officers and Committee Assignments 2018-2019


    Chair-Jim Manning

    Vice-Chair-Pim Grondstra

    Secretary-Steve Coughlan

    Committee Members

    Advisory Finance Committee Liaison-Jim Manning

    Athletic Liaison Committee-Pim Grondstra and Howard Brown

    CIP-Steve Coughlan

    Community Council Rep.-Amy Facey

    Expendable Trust Advisory Committee- Howard Brown and Amy Facey

    Manifest-Howard Brown and Dwayne Purvis

    Policy- Steve Coughlan and Amy Facey

    PPC-Steve Coughlan and Dwayne Purvis

    PTSA Liaison-Pim Grondstra and Dave Chen

    Publicity/Communications (school committee)

    Recreation Liaison

    Tech Committee

    SAU 39 Brick School Improvement Committee-Howard Brown (indluding budget)

    SAU 39 Four Chairs-Jim Manning

    Budget Study

    Souhegan Board Communications Team

    NHSBA Delegate - Amy Facey

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