• Souhegan Cooperative School Board Officers and Committee Assignments 2020-2021


    Pim Grondstra – Chair

    Amy Facey – Vice-Chair

    Stephanie Grund – Secretary


    Advisory Finance Committee – Stephanie Grund and Geore Torres

    Athletic Liaison Committee – Pim Gronstra and David Chen

    CIP – Steve Coughlan

    Community Council – Amy Facey

    Expendable Trust Advisory Committee – David Chen and Stephanie Grund

    Manifest – Stephanie Grund and Laura Taylor

    Policy – Laura Taylor and Steve Coughlan

    PPC – George Torres and Steve Coughlan (Amy Facey – alternate)

    PTSA – Stephanie Grund and David Chen

    NHSBA – Laura Taylor

    Joint Advisory Facilities Committee – Amy Facey, Pim Grondstra, and Stephanie Grund (Laura Taylor – alternate)

    Communication – Steve Coughlan (Amy Facey – alternate)

    Constitutional Interpretation – Steve Coughlan

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