• New Hampshire State Scholars Requirements - Londonderry High School
    New Hampshire Scholars Program
     The New Hampshire Scholars program is part of the State Scholars Initiative, a national program that encourages and motivates all high school students to complete a rigorous course of study that prepares them for a successful transition to college coursework or technical training necessary to enter today's job market.  There are three types (pathways) of NH Scholars distinctions:  NH Scholars core distinction, NH Scholars - STEM Emphasis and NH Scholars - Arts Emphasis.   
    New Hampshire Scholars has outlined a Core Course of Study for high school students (minimum requirements), patterned after the recommendations made by the National Commission on Excellence in Education.  By completing the NH Scholars core courses, students are better prepared for college-level work, testing out of remedial classes and attaining 21st century workforce skills.  The minimum Core Course of Study for students to earn the core NH Scholars distinction includes:
    • 4 years of English
    • 4 years of Math (Up to level of Integrated/Common Core Math 3 or beyond)
    • 3 years  of Laboratory Science (to include Biology, Chemistry, and Physics or approved alternative)
    • 3.5 years of Social Science 
    • 2 years of a World Language
    Students interested in earning the NH Scholars STEM Emphasis designation must meet the core NH Scholar requirements (above) AND -
    • Take a 4th year of science
    • 1 or more year chosen from Technology, Engineering, Computers, Advanced Manufacturing, etc.
    • Maintain a minimum of a 3.2 cumulative GPA
    Students interested in earning the NH Scholars ARTS Emphasis designation must meet the core NH Scholar requirements (above) AND -
    • Complete 2 years in art (beyond the introductory freshman art course) chosen from Visual Arts, Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Music, Graphic Design, etc.
    • Maintain a minimum of a 3.2 cumulative GPA 
    Finally, in addition to the Core Course of Study, NH Scholars encourages a school/business partnership.  Students will have opportunities to participate in programs activities designed to promote college and career readiness.  Souhegan students pursuing NH Scholars are encouraged to engage in a college/career readiness activity each year (could be one offered by the school, or one they select on their own).
    Students choosing to participate in the NH Scholars Program will be asked to sign a NH Scholars four-year agreement.  Students who successfully meet the requirements of the program will be recognized at senior awards night and graduation.  Those wishing to participate must meet with their counselor.  For more information about NH Scholars please visit www.nhscholars.org.  Approved courses are noted in the Program of Studies.