• i39 FAQ’s for Parents

    This year at the Amherst Middle School all teachers will be using a new online student learning platform.  The platform, i39 powered by itslearning, will be used to increase student/teacher/parent communication and begin to develop strong 21st century skills in all students.

    i39 combines simple use and advanced possibilities for users of all ages and levels. 

    1. What is i39?

    i39, which replaces Angel, is Amherst Middle School’s next generation personalized online learning system.



    2. How will students log into i39?

    Go to http://sau39.itslearning.com or visit the schools website for the i39 link. All students will have their own unique login which will display all of the courses they are enrolled in at AMS.



    3. What can I do as a parent?
    In i39 parents can view content assigned to their child, such as homework assignments, classroom events and projects. This information is found in the calendar feature and the planner feature of i39. In the future information will be provided specific to parent logins. For now please make sure that you are logging in with your child and supporting their online learning experience.


    4. Will grades and attendance be posted on i39?




    Finding project, quiz, and other items due dates:


    Most teachers typically post homework assignments, project due dates, quiz and test dates on either the calendar or the planner features. Each course has separate calendar and planner entries. To view the Planner, click on the course and then "open planner". To view the calendar click on the CALENDAR tab across the top bar. The calendar will default to All (which shows calendar entries for all courses your child is enrolled in). It also defaults to the current date.  



    You can change the view to see a week or a month by clicking on week or month.



    You can view a specific course by clicking the down arrow where is says SHOW: and select a specific course.



    If you have further questions about the general i39 learning platform please contact Elena Sheldon, Technology Educator, at esheldon@sprise.com. For questions related to your child’s specific course page, please contact their classroom teacher.