• logo Souhegan High School Academic Learner Expectations 

    Knowledgeable Person
    • Acquires and integrates the critical information necessary for success in academic and non-academic domains. 
    • Effectively utilizes the strategies and skills necessary for success in academic and non-academic domains 
    Complex Thinker
    • Effectively translates issues and situations into manageable tasks that have a clear purpose 
    • Effectively uses a variety of complex reasoning strategies 
    Skilled Information Processor/Consumer
    • Effectively interprets and synthesizes information 
    • Effectively uses a variety of information gathering techniques and information resources 
    • Accurately assesses the value of information  
    • Recognizes where and how projects would benefit from additional information 
    Effective Communicator/Producer
    • Expresses ideas clearly 
    • Effectively communicates with diverse audiences 
    • Effectively communicates through a variety of mediums 
    • Effectively communicates for a variety of purposes  
    • Creates quality products  
    Self-Directed Learner
    • Seeks different perspectives and considers choices before acting 
    • Pushes the limits of his/her ability and perseveres when faced with difficult situations 
    • Establishes clear goals and manages progress toward achieving them 
    • Generates and pursues personal standards of performance 
    Collaborative Worker
    • Works toward the achievement of group goals 
    • Demonstrates effective interpersonal skills 
    • Contributes to group maintenance 
    • Self-assesses and monitors own behavior within a group  
    Responsible Citizen
    • Shows willingness to work toward improvement of the community